Is It Time to Have Your Roof Replaced?

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roofold roof needs replacement

Roofs have a difficult job and it is surprising that even a well-built roof lasts as long as it does. You might not even notice some of the indicators that you need to replace your roof. But eventually the wind, the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light and precipitation take their toll, and the roof begins to fail and needs to be repaired or replaced. How can a person tell when their roof is in trouble?


Leaks from a ceiling seem an obvious sign of roof trouble, but it is best to make sure the problem isn’t leaky pipes. During a rainstorm, the homeowner might turn off the fresh water line at the source and head to the attic. Leaks will be self-evident. One way to temporarily fix a leak before the residential roofing contractor can come is to stick a nail into the hole and put a bucket beneath it. The hole can also be patched with roofing cement.

Rotted Timber

While the homeowner is in the attic, they may see wood supports rotted by the leaks. These need to be replaced. Call our roof repair professionals at J.R. Hayden Construction can replace your roof.


These are found on flat roofs and are signs that a new roof may need to be installed fairly soon. These bubbles are large and flatten out when someone steps on them. They are a sign that the layers of flat roofing material are coming apart. If there’s a squishing sound when the bubble is stepped on, it means that water is trapped beneath the bubble and is causing the roof to rot.

Deteriorating Asphalt Shingles

The first signs of deteriorating asphalt shingles can be subtle. Though the shingles look new if the homeowner checks their gutters or the ground around the foundation they may see dark granules. These granules have fallen off the shingles. Eventually, enough granules will have fallen off to the point where spots can easily be seen on the shingles. After more time has passed the edges of the shingle tabs will start to curl and grow brittle. This is the time when the roof starts to leak in earnest. In the terminal phase, the shingle tabs break down altogether. The homeowner may even see an exposed nailhead where a tab used to be. Roof repair is needed or you should replace your roof.

Problematic Plumbing Vent Stacks

Vents discharge sewer gasses to the outside and make them harmless. Interestingly, signs of trouble in the vent stacks can manifest as slow-draining sinks even as the drains are clear or toilets that seem to flush on their own. This could mean that the vent stacks are clogged by everything from dead squirrels to autumn leaves. A roofer can flush the vent stack and clear the clog. Vent stacks can also be corroded due to leaks under the flashing.

Holes in the Roof

Holes that can be clearly seen in the roof can be caused by animals, fallen tree limbs, severe wind and large sized hail. It’s always best to have holes and punctures fixed as soon as possible before they lead to leaks.


Moss is a non-flowering plant that is best grown on the ground and not on a roof, where it traps moisture. Lichen is a cross between a fungus and a type of algae. It doesn’t trap as much moisture as moss, but it secretes an acid that eats into the shingles. Algae, another non-flowering plant, does not seem to hurt the roof but leaves ugly black streaks. All these lifeforms need to be removed by our professionals at J.R. Hayden, the best residential roofing contractor in  Dallas and Houston.

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