Roof Repair Costs

Average Cost of Roof Repair

new roof costRoofing repair costs vary significantly from one job to the next. Many factors impact the rates of a roof repair, including the type of repair needed, the type of roof on the home, and the company chosen to make the repairs. The asphalt shingles roof is the most commonly installed roof on homes today. It is also the least expensive of the roofing types to repair when problems arise. Although some roofing companies cut corners and provide lackluster service in an effort to pocket more money, the repair services offered from J.R. Hayden are efficient and thorough, designed to give homeowners in the community a repair that provides peace of mind and confidence in a job well done.

Average Roof Repair Costs

Minor roof repairs average a cost from $100 – $500 while moderate repairs tally costs ranging from $500 – $1100 and severe repair costs average $1,200 – $3,500. Our average repair cost is $660 and we strive to complete every job at the best price possible. If roof repair charges tally more than $3,500, it’s probably cost-effective to begin the search for a new roof. It costs an average of $7,000 to install a new roof which will provide many years of worry-free use, versus the current roof that is showing that it has run its course. We’ll always thoroughly evaluate the condition of the roof to determine the best solution.

Why Repair Your Roof

Leaky roofs cause more calls to J.R. Hayden Construction that any other type of roofing problem. A leaking roof occurs due to wear and tear of the roof, strong winds and weather damage, and other causes. It is pretty obvious why a roof repair is necessary when it is leaking. A leaky roof will damage the home if it isn’t repaired quickly, not to mention destroy the roof if it isn’t repaired. Rotting wood and mold and mildew growth are each potential dangers of a roof that’s left in disarray.

What if it isn’t a leaky roof of concern but instead other repair needs? Repairing a roof that is missing flashing, has ice valley, or other concerns should be repaired to avoid added damages and to avoid the costs of replacing the roof. By letting small roof issues grow, they only turn into bigger problems that could very well result in the need for a replacement roof. In the end, this costs you far more money than what you would’ve spent to make a repair. Roof repair costs are a far stretch from the costs of a total roof replacement!

The Bottom Line

When you call our roofing experts, we’ll evaluate your roofing needs and offer our advice and recommendations. We’ll begin repairs to your roof quickly. Making the call to our experts for a roof repair is the proactive approach to roof maintenance. By responding promptly to roofing issues, you’ll prolong the life expectancy of the unit and alleviate much of the stress accommodating roof problems.

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