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Insurance Repair

Over the years, J.R. Hayden has developed a unique specialty in the area of insurance repair.
If your home has suffered an insurable loss in one of the following areas, we can help!

• Wind
• Hail
• Fire
• Flood

J.R. Hayden does not simply serve as a contractor, but provides a front to back solution to restore your home to its original condition in a manner that satisfies the insurance company and protects you in the event of future claims.

We provide initial damage assessment and policy review. If we feel coverage is warranted, we will provide a detailed estimate of damages and help you file a claim. Your insurance company will then send out an adjuster, with whom we will meet and ensure that all damages are taken account of (note that according to Illinois law we cannot serve as an insurance adjuster or negotiate policy terms or coverages – we can however help the insurance company adjuster assigned to your claim identify all damages). Next, we will review the insurance company estimate and verify that all repair work can be done within their scope. You are only responsible for your deductible, never anything over that! Finally, we get actual repair work done, submit any additional billings to your insurance company (not to you!), and make sure the claim is closed out properly so that your coverage is valid for the future.

You could hire separate companies to handle all these tasks, but J.R. Hayden provides it all in an integrated approach. Ask to speak with our references – they’ll tell you truth about the J.R. Hayden process.

You will be impressed!