Four most important questions to ask your roofer

Four questions to ask your roofer up front

Replacing a roof is major task for three reasons: 1) A crucial part of your home will be worked on, 2) it will cost a decent amount of money, and 3) you will have to hire a professional roofer to do the work (at least you should). The first two are reliant on the third. Moreover, the science behind a successful roof replacement is hiring the right roofer. There are four MUST-ASK questions for the expert roofer before you sign him/her onto the job:

Are you licensed?

Not all states require licenses for roofers. In fact, Texas is one of the states that does not. Does this mean it’s okay to hire a non-licensed roofer? No. There are more licensed roofers than there are not, so you should be able to find a licensed one fairly easily. Roofers, or roofing companies, are generally aware of a customer’s preference to hire a licensed roofer; therefore, most will be licensed.

A license is more than a verification card. A roofer has to earn a license. Furthermore, a roofer is awarded a license only if he/she is qualified. He/she will have to prove their roofing knowledge and skill. Plus, many licenses require a specific amount of on-the-job training before granted. A licensed roofer will provide you with closure, as you will have confirmation that your roof is in experienced, qualified hands.

Do you have worker’s compensation insurance?

Questions to ask your rooferMake sure you remove all liability from yourself. After all, you are the one that needs help and you are the one that has placed trust in the expert. Therefore, you should not take the fall for any mishappenings that occur on the job. Worker’s compensation insurance would be provided by the roofer’s employer. It will compensate the roofer for medical bills resulting from an on-the-job injury. Without worker’s comp, the roofer could pursue you, the homeowner, for the medical bills. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen. That’s why you need to verify with the roofer that worker’s compensation insurance is in place.

Are you covered by general liability insurance?

Remaining on the topic of insurance, you need to ensure the professional roofer also has general liability insurance. The difference between worker’s comp insurance and general liability insurance is that worker’s comp protects the roofer, while general liability protects the home. For instance, if part of a replacement goes terribly wrong and burns down a home (highly unlikely), general liability insurance will cover the damage, taking any and all financial burden off of the homeowner.

What warranty will be offered with my new roof?

For flaws to the roof or long-term issues to the roof, you should be provided with a lengthy warranty. A warranty’s time frame will depend primarily on the type of roof installed and the company which installed it. Customary warranties cover a roof for 25 years; however, certain roofing materials like metal or slate will come with much longer warranties. As a general guideline, it would be wise to deny any warranty that is less than 25 years.

There are many more questions to ask a roofer before being hired, but these four are specific to protecting you and your home. You can get to the nitty-gritty of costs and replacement techniques after you hear the desired answers for these very important questions.

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