Your Project Manager is the best source of information regarding any questions you might have about the J.R. Hayden process. Here are some common questions we often hear about insurance repair:

Will my premiums increase if I file a claim?
No. The kind of damages we focus on (wind, hail, flood) are considered ‘acts of God’ in insurance law. You didn’t contribute in any way to the loss; therefore you as the policyholder cannot be penalized with a rate increase.

How long does the insurance repair process take?
This depends on your carrier. J.R. Hayden will do an immediate damage inventory and assist with filing the claim. Then it’s up to your insurance company to respond. Typically, they take two weeks to send an adjuster out, then mail to you their findings. If the scope is complete and takes into account all actual damages, we begin work immediately and bill your insurance company directly for the outstanding balance and any extras. The entire process – from the initial meeting with the Project Manager until all the work is done – can be completed in two to four weeks.

Why can’t I file a claim myself and have my own contractor do the work?
Nothing prevents you from doing this. Be aware however that J.R. Hayden can typically get 50 to 100% more work ordered from the insurance company than you could doing it alone. Why? We are experts at identifying damage and properly estimating the cost of having it repaired. And as for having someone other than J.R. Hayden doing the work, it might go well – or it might not. Wouldn’t you rather entrust the work to a company with our expertise, references, and deep local connections?

What if the insurance company rejects the claim?
We have found that if the claim is properly filed and all the damage clearly marked and estimated for the insurance company adjuster to review, a denial is rare. Should it happen, based on actual damages we might advise you to refile the claim.  We will meet with a second adjuster to review damages. If the insurance company denies it again, there is no obligation to you whatsoever.

Do I have to pay my deductible?
Typically, yes.  Your insurance company expects you as the policyholder to cover the deductible portion before they pay for any damages.  However, it is sometimes possible to credit the deductible (or a portion of it) back to you if you decide not to have part of the work done. If you cannot pay your deductible in full, J.R. Hayden will make reasonable accomodation such as offering a payment plan.

Do you warranty your work?
Absolutely. Our work is warrantied for five years. In addition, many products we use carry much longer materials warrnaties, some for as many as 25 or 50 years – even lifetime warranties! Check with your Project Manager.

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