Can I Repair a Roof on My Own?

Can I Repair a Roof on My Own?

If you’re asking the question then you’re probably already on the edge of it. Roof repair is not to be taken lightly. Hence, there’s reason professional roofers exist. Whether it is installing a new roof or replacing a single shingle, it’s best to leave it to a pro. DIY roofing projects can end up disastrous. There are tutorials and videos available to assist with DIY roofing projects; however, you should at least run the project by a professional to obtain an expert opinion. DIY or don’t, here are five factors to consider before climbing on top of your roof:


First and foremost, injury is a concern. Fear of heights, improper shoe wear, or a single false step can result in injury when atop a roof. Your ambitious attempt to repair your own roof can suddenly and unexpectedly lead to weeks of medical payments. Moreover, the money you intended to save by completing the project on your own is no longer. Instead, the project leads to debt. There is a good chance you’ll survive the task without injury, but why risk it? The downside is much too extreme.


J.R. Hayden ConstructionRoof repair is often covered by insurance. However, most insurance companies will require the work to be done by a licensed contractor. The insurance company may recommend a couple of contractors or they’ll assign one. Regardless, they will need proof that the roof was professionally repaired. Reason being, there is a significantly higher risk to insurance companies if the homeowner repairs a roof on his/her own. The last thing an insurance company wants to do is cover damages to a roof that was not adequately repaired. This could lead to an additional claim in the near future.

Overlooked damages

Even if it’s a miniscule repair, there is the possibility of overlooked damages. Just because you fixed part of the roof doesn’t mean there is not damage to another part. It is just as important to repair the damaged roof as it is to determine what exactly caused the damage. A professional would not only repair the roof, but he/she would also inspect the roof to determine the underlying problem.


Let’s face it, you’re probably more useful handling tasks in which you’re knowledgeable. If you do not have roofing knowledge and/or experience, then you’re not only risking injury and faulty repair work, but also time. It’s going to take a lot longer for a homeowner to repair a roof than a professional. The quicker a roof is repaired the better. A quick repair will lead to a happy homeowner; it will also allow less time for bad weather to take part.

More expensive

Executing a DIY repair is aimed solely to save money. Instead of paying for labor, you can take care of the labor on your own. The problem is your labor may not be good enough. The last thing you want is to purchase all of the tools necessary to repair your roof, just to realize that you actually do need a professional to execute the repair. It will cost more money to re-do a DIY repair than it would be to hire a contractor to do the job right on the first attempt.

Ultimately, it’s going to be more productive and worthwhile to hire a trained roofer to assist with roof repairs. You’ll avoid all the above-mentioned problems by going the professional route. J.R. Hayden Construction has offered professional roof repair and replacement since 2004. We’ll help get your roof into prime condition in no time. Contact J.R. Hayden Construction today to discuss your roof’s situation and to schedule an estimate.


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