Can a new roof be installed on top of my old roof?

Yes, a new roof can be installed on top of an old roof. This action is known as re-roofing. Is re-roofing a good option? It can be, but it really depends on the condition of your old roof. Also, there are a few additional considerations the homeowner must account for before he/she commits to placing a new roof over an old one. We’ll cover this process from top to bottom to help enlighten you as to whether or not re-roofing is a good option for your particular roof.

Helpful Notes about your old roof

Asphalt shinglesPrior to weighing the pros and cons of re-roofing, it is important you’re aware of a few generalities. First off, placing new shingles over old only works if each layer of shingles is the exact same. If you don’t like your asphalt roof and would like an adobe roof instead, then you have no choice but to tear down the asphalt and have your roof undergo a traditional replacement. Furthermore, re-roofing only works for asphalt shingles. Just remember, asphalt over asphalt, anything else and you’re at fault.

Positives to Re-roofing

Saves Money

Clearly, a re-roof will require less labor than roof replacement. A teardown by itself will save at least $1,000. Plus, there will be no need for the roof to be re-felted, nor will there be a disposal fee for the materials of the old roof. Less labor, no teardown, no felt, and nothing to dispose of of…that’s a lot of money saved.

Maintained warranty

Check with the manufacturer first, but it’s almost a guarantee that the second layer of shingles will carry the same warranty as the first layer of shingles. The manufacturer will simply need confirmation that the new shingles will be installed by a professional.

Looks and acts like a new roof

It’s a cheaper option than replacement; however, a re-roof essentially benefits a home the same as a replaced roof. Re-roofing still consists of brand new shingles. Thus, the roof will look new and outsiders will have no idea that there is another roof below what is visible. The re-roof should have a similar lifespan to a replaced roof as well.

Negatives to Re-roofing

The condition of the old roof

There is really only one negative to re-roofing: you can’t do it if your old roof is in bad condition. If you do, you’re asking for trouble.

Examples of a poorly conditioned roof include:

  • Curled or overly-worn shingles
  • Leaking when it rains
  • Not sturdy to the touch

You will need a teardown and a replacement if any of the above examples apply to your current roof. A new roof on top of an old roof will add a few thousand pounds to the top of your home; therefore, your roof, or roofs, could collapse if the old roof was not already sturdy.

Curled shingles to your old roof will eventually cause the new roof to deform. Lastly, if the old roof was already leaking, that does not mean covering it with an additional layer will stop the leaking. There are still ways for precipitation to seep through.

Above all, have a professional roofer inspect your current roof before you decide to re-roof. A good inspector will walk your roof step by step to ensure it is sturdy enough for a second roof. He/she will inspect the overall conditioning of the roof and the house to determine whether or not re-roofing is a valid option. When in doubt, trust an expert.

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